Our partnership with Set Free Ministry in Uganda began in 1996.  In that year, at the invitation of a local missionary, four of us from Montesano Presbyterian went there to help build a new church.

Since then, teams from our church have returned to Uganda on eight more occasions. In recent years our short-term missions there have aimed at visiting as many rural churches as possible, checking in on schools where we support orphans, and meeting with the leadership to discuss current and future local needs.

Set Free includes about thirty-five small, far-flung congregations, very few of which are in communities with electricity or running water.  Over the years we have purchased eight of these at-risk church properties for Set Free, and installed three gravity water systems.

For all us here at Monte Pres, this partnership has been eye-opening and rewarding proof of the world-wide nature of the family of God.

Uganda school childrenUganda school children
Uganda school children Uganda school children
Once a month our church has the opportunity to be of help to the Union Gospel Mission by supplying a dinner meal.  Each month a different team prepares/buys a main dish, salad, and dessert meal for 60.  Our teams are made up of 3 people each for the main dish and salad and 1 person for the dessert.  If this is something you would be interested in being a part of, please call Diana Hill or the church office..
Family Promise helps families who are homeless or are in need of stable living conditions. The program assists parents and their children by not only providing shelter, but also assistance for employment, secure lodging, meals, and care for kids educationally and socially.
Part of an inter-faith effort, Monte Pres volunteers our time and church facilities to participating families for temporary housing, hot breakfasts and dinners, and space to study and relax.