Montesano Presbyterian Church exists to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus Christ

About Us

“Montesano Presbyterian Church exists to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus Christ, One Another, and the World and to that end we seek to obey Jesus’ Great Commandment and the Great Commission.”


Summer Schedule
Worship ~ 9:30 a.m.

Church is located at 201 McBryde Ave. E., Montesano, WA.

Church Office 360-249-3845

Montesano Presbyterian Church was founded in 1783 as Territorial church prior to Washington Statehood. Our long and storied presence in Montesano is a reflection of God’s Plan, Purpose and Grace. God’s Spirit is vibrant and present in the church today.
We have recently affiliated with the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO). We are evangelical in our purpose and reformed in our theology. We ascribe to the 5 Solas of Orthodox Christianity: We are saved by Christ Alone, through Faith Alone, by God’s Grace Alone, attested to by the authority of Scripture Alone so that our Lives might be lived solely unto the Glory of God Alone.
We practice hospitality to our guests believing that our church exists for those who are seeking a family to whom to belong.