Montesano Presbyterian Church exists to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus Christ
Regular Church Events
  • Every Wednesday ~ 6:30 p.m. ~ Family Bible Study
  • Every Thursday ~ 7:00 a.m. ~ Men's Bible Study
  • Every Friday ~ 11:30 a.m. ~ Women's Bible Study
Church Events
Events on April 22, 2021
Men's Bible Study
Starts: 7:00 am
Ends: April 22, 2021 - 8:00 am
Description: All men of the Church are invited to this weekly event
Events on April 23, 2021
Women's Bible Study
Starts: 11:30 am
Ends: April 23, 2021 - 12:30 pm
Events on April 25, 2021
Starts: 10:00 am
Ends: April 25, 2021 - 11:00 am
Fellowship Hour
Starts: 11:15 am
Ends: April 25, 2021 - 12:15 pm
Events on April 28, 2021
Wednesday Bible Study
Starts: 6:30 pm
Ends: April 28, 2021 - 7:30 pm
Description: Youth and Adult Bible Study

Pat’s Weekly Devo

Don’t Let your Hearts Be Troubled. Trust in God, and Trust in me. John 14:1

Our minds are so consumed with everything we are bombarded with each new day. I have to say, it’s exhausting to be alive some days. I chuckle at how much we are all taking in and honestly, how well we as a church family are doing. Kudos to you all. Many of you have needs and worries that are so legit and burdensome that my heart goes out to you everyday. So, if you don’t hear it from the rest of the world, hear it from me. Well done good and faithful servant. well done.

Our minds have a hard enough time with CNN so asking you to think about things of eternity may be the “straw that breaks the camels back”. But when it comes to a world with no boundaries of space and time, we must sit for a moment and embrace the idea that God is in control, that God is watching closely, and how, the Lord is standing with you in everything you face, I face and what we face together as a church body of Christ. “Trust me”…he says. “don’t allow your hearts to be troubled”. Don’t let the evil one tease you or taunt you. Don’t give heed to the things that don’t make a difference in my kingdom Jesus says to us all. Don’t be anxious about what is God’s responsibility. For the Christian is faithful and to be a follower of Jesus doesn’t require us to be rocket scientists (thank you Lord I would fail that test). No code breaking, though you may have to suffer through a sermon of mine that had to many rabbits in it (sorry). Nevertheless, you can anticipate what God has in store for you as you wait patiently for him to answer prayers. The Almighty Lord our God loves you, wants what is best for you, and eagerly awaits your prayers and requests. Jeremiah says, “I know the plans I have for you.” Plans of blessings not for harm. Rest easy beloved in Christ, Amen. <>< P. COBB

Thursday, December 24

Christmas Eve CandleLight Service ~ 6:00 p.m.

Masks required.  Please let us know, if possible, if you plan on attending so that we can accommodate everyone safely.  Merry Christmas


Worship Schedule

Worship ~ 10:00 a.m.

Mailing Address ~ P.O. Box 110
201 McBryde Ave. E.

Montesano, WA. 98563

Church Office 360-249-3845


If you are a first time guest, or a returning guest, welcome to the Montesano Presbyterian Church!

In the pew rack you will find a welcome card. Please take a moment to fill the card out so that we can get to know you better. Either drop the card in the offering plate, or hand it to one of the Welcome Team.

And Please, join us for coffee hour following the service.